Guided Visualizations

Whether you are experiencing pain or other symptoms in your body and you want to be able to help yourself feel better, or if you want a mind-body tool to proactively take better care of yourself, Healing from Within can help you.

I want you experience more healing, more health and more happiness in your life and that is why I have created Healing from Within for you, for your friends and for your family.

It all started years ago with my practice members asking me “Do you know of a good healing visualization I could use?” So I searched and searched and while there is great material out there, I just couldn’t find the right one. So I then decided to make one myself.

Healing from Within was born out of my years of study of mind-body medicine, energy medicine, self-hypnosis and the methodologies of various healers including: Carolyn Myss, Louise Hay, Mary Swanson, Donny Epstein, and countless others. I eventually created three different visualization processes – each having a different focus and providing you a different healing tool.


1) The Wellness Body Scan

Use this guided visualization proactively on a regular basis (weekly or monthly), to allow your health and well-being to progress to higher and higher levels.

Many healing traditions associate certain areas of the body with specific emotional states or life issues. In this 25 minute visualization, you are guided through each part of your body in a way that allows you to detect any hidden emotional or energetic disturbances that might be present there.

Once brought to the surface, you are then lead through a process to help you correct these disturbances and heal them so you feel lighter, more comfortable and more energized.

Download The Wellness Body Scan NOW – (running time = 25:01)

2) The Immune Booster 

This visualization is the same the process I do myself when I feel a cold or a flu is “coming on”. The field of Psychoneuroimmunology has explored the powerful connection between your mind and your Immune System. Use this tool when you feel a sickness starting to gain an upper hand and especially during the time you’re laid up sick in bed. It can also be used if you are fighting tumor processes or dealing with other immunological challenges to help yourself heal more effectively.

Besides the usual physical support you do to prevent your immune system from breaking down (rest, fluids, homeopathics, herbs, adjustments, etc.), this process helps your mind to stimulate the powerful immune centers in your body to protect and heal yourself.

In 20 minutes, your body’s defenses will be mobilized and energized to better fight off whatever bacteria or virus your body is trying to fight off.

Download The Immune Booster NOW – (running time = 20:13)

3) Release & Let Go of Pain

Pain or discomfort in the body is a signal that something must shift for healing to occur. This program will help you to listen to your body’s messages in a different way so that you can learn what your body is trying to tell you.

Use this powerful tool when you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your body so instead of covering up the symptoms with medications, you can use the power of visualization to dissipate the tension away from your body.

This process accesses parts of your Unconscious Mind that will give you insights on what these symptoms mean to you. As you discover the message that your body is trying to communicate to you, you will then be able to heal that part of your body – not only with your mind, but with the actions you will be inspired to take after this 15 minute process as well.

Download Release & Let Go of Pain NOW – (running time = 14:48)

 It is my wish for you that you have a greater ability to ease elegantly through the challenges of life. I hope you enjoy Healing from Within and you are able to use it to experience more health, more ease and more happiness.

Or you download the complete set of Healing from Within by clicking here.