About Me

That's me up there and ever since I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. My mom was a nurse and I loved the way I felt so taken care of when I was in her doctor’s office. Very early on, I knew I wanted to help people in the same way when I grew up.

So I set out to become a doctor. I did the schooling, passed the board exams, got the proper licensing and opened up a private practice in San Diego, CA. 

At my first practice, the Warren Family Wellness Center, I started taking care of infants, children, teens, adults & grandparents, helping their bodies heal from sickness and injury. I had decided to specialize in “low force” or “non-force” chiropractic techniques which I saw were allowing people to get longer lasting, more permanent results AND they allowed me to see people of all ages that traditional, “cracking and popping” type of adjustments weren’t appropriate for.

Witnessing first hand the healing power of the body once the blockages were taken out of the way was incredible for me. I have always been a “root cause” type of person, wanting to cut to the chase and get to the bottom of things as soon as possible, shift it so it’s resolved at it’s core.

Chiropractic allowed me to do that because instead of figuring out symptoms, I could eliminate the interference that was getting in the way of the body’s innate, natural healing ability so it could balance itself and heal itself.

But as I worked with more and more families, I saw that many of the stress patterns that were causing the health problems in adults were also present in their children that I was adjusting too. Same pattern, just not as developed and not as severe. Working with children at the earliest sign of this pattern allows me to help their body dissipate it, so it doesn’t become a problem later on in life.

That is why I now I spend most of my time working with pregnant women, infants and babies at the CAP Wellness Center in Encinitas, CA. I am certified in the Webster Technique which helps unwind tension in the pregnant woman's pelvis and the ligaments attaching to the uterus. 

If mom is more comfortable and healthy in her pregnancy, the delivery is going to be easier. The easier the delivery, the less birth trauma the baby (and mom) experiences. Then they can come into the world more gently, safer and healthier.

This is why I love working with babies: Adjusting newborns and babies as soon as possible after birth allows their body to get rid of that stress and start off their life with their body only knowing balance as their normal. This allows them to grow up as healthy and strong as they are designed to be.

Giving each child every advantage possible for them to live a healthy and happy live is what every parent wants. Starting off life with a clear and optimally functioning nervous system is the best way I know how to help children do this.

Dr. Jay's BIO:

Dr. Jay Warren has dedicated his career to helping people live happy and healthy lives.

Born and raised in Southern California, he got his undergraduate degree in Biology from UC San Diego before attending Life Chiropractic College West and graduating Summa Cum Laude in March 2000.

In his first year as a chiropractor, Dr. Jay helped run a busy, bilingual clinic in Costa Rica, which grounded him in his family wellness oriented style of practice. He then returned to San Diego, CA in 2001 where he opened the Warren Family Wellness Center and is happy to be celebrating his 15th year of practice.

Dr. Jay has served as a health & wellness advisor and writer for numerous health-oriented websites. He has written and produced his own series of self-guided visualizations called “Healing from Within” and has also authored the “Being Well Lifestyle Program” which is a comprehensive, self-guided, healthy lifestyle makeover program. Dr. Jay is currently working on a new online course for pregnant women called “Connecting with Baby in Pregnancy” that will be released soon.

Dr. Jay continues to work with pregnant women, infants, children and parents on a daily basis. He is the family wellness chiropractor and Wellness Care Coordinator at the Cap Wellness Center in San Diego, CA. He is a member ofAPPPAH (the Association or Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health), the ICPA and is certified in the Webster Technique.

Dr. Jay is also the host of the weekly podcast “Healthy Births, Happy Babies”, where he talks to experts in the natural birth and holistic parenting field.

He also likes to enjoy an active lifestyle as a surfer, a yogi and a volleyball player – although he’s becoming more of a runner now that his son, Niko, is 4 years old.