Tell People About Your Experience

Satisfied baby thumbs up her finger isolated

The majority of the people I work with have come into my office based on a recommendation from a friend, family member or some other person in their life.

They heard something - about me, about the work I do, about the help they received, about the way someone felt after seeing me - that inspired them to come see me.

​Over the years, I have built my practice largely by word-of-mouth. 

When you tell other people about your own experience, they can't help but feel that they might be able to experience that too.

If you've had an exceptional experience in working with me, please use this space to tell others about it. Whether it's a healing result or getting the helpful advice and support you needed or whatever, telling your story helps people believe that it might be possible for them as well.

By hearing your story, it might inspire a person to take a step towards getting some help they need, for themselves or for their child or maybe for someone else they care about.

By telling your story, you just might change a life.

Thank you in advance!!!​

How had you heard about me?
What originally brought you in to see me?
What did you like best about working with me that you think other people should know?