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Dr. Jay as a Guest on the Birthful Podcast: Prenatal Bonding


This week I got to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts, The Birthful Podcast. Adriana Lozada and I talked about prenatal bonding what moms (and dads) can do during the pregnancy to connect to their baby.

We now know that babies are conscious while in womb. They can hear sounds, learn, form memories, and respond to your stress.

So, can connecting with your baby before the birth, make for better pregnancies and healthier babies?

And how do you go about doing that?

We’ll talk about all of this including how singing, talking, and playing with your baby makes a difference.

Click on the link below to listen:

The Birthful Podcast Episode #76:

Prenatal Bonding with Dr. Jay Warren


Podcast-Dr. Jay on the Well-Adjusted Mama with Dr. Laura Brayton

HBHB WordPress Artwork-Dr Jay on Well-Adjusted Mama

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Laura Brayton as a guest on her podcast, Well-Adjusted Mama.

She is a like-minded prenatal chiropractor that also believes in a holistic, team approach to taking care of women throughout their pregnancy. Dr. Brayton has a phenomenal practice in Hoboken, NJ and has been podcasting since 2014.

After learning about the comprehensive, integrated approach we use at the Cap Wellness Center, Dr. Brayton asked me to come on to her show to share with her listeners how pregnant women can create her own team around her, if one is not readily available to her by her birth provider.

In our discussion, the concepts of patient-centered health care, integrated wellness and community are explored as well as tangible ways any woman can surround herself with practitioners that will support her to have the birth that she wants for her family.

Interestingly, Dr. Brayton’s podcast was one of the first ones I found a year ago when I was interested in starting my own podcast for the Cap Wellness Center. It was an honor to be her guest and give back to her show. You can listen to her podcast, Well-Adjusted Mama in iTunes to get more information about natural pregnancy and birth topics.

I will be excited to have her as my guest on “Healthy Births, Happy Babies” very soon as well.


Testimonial: Baby Cora & Chiropractic

Erin had been seeing me for help in recovering from a car accident she was in weeks before. By learning about my style of chiropractic and how it was working to help her body heal, she decided to bring her baby, Cora, in to see me as well.

Cora was born with a birth defect in her lower intestines and underwent surgeries to repair it at 3 months old. Since then her lower back had been very tight and almost rigid. She was very underweight (below the 1 percentile for her age) and would wake up 4-5 times every night. Cora was 8 months old when she came to see me.

As Erin tells in the video, within the first few visits Cora was eating almost double the amount she was previously eating. She started sleeping better at night and within a few weeks, she was sleeping through the night. She gained weight and at one of her checkups, she measured in the 11th percentile for weight!

With the improved flexibility in her lower back, Cora caught up on her development milestones and soon was rolling over properly, crawling and pulling herself up to standing. At 10 months now, she is even starting to take steps.

By removing the stress in her nervous system and restoring the normal functioning of her spine, Cora now has caught up in her development and has a much brighter and healthier future ahead of her.

Have you had your child adjusted by a family wellness chiropractor? What was your experience? What results did they have? I would love to read your comments below…

Successful VBAC and Chiropractic Care

More and more women are interested in doing a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) for their next birth (second, third, fourth…). VBAC is becoming more accepted in obstetrical practices and there is a strong movement within the natural birth community for this choice to be offered to women who have had a previous c-section.

If you are wanting to do a VBAC, first you have to find an OB that will allow you to do one. Some OB’s will say they’ll do a VBAC, but when it comes closer to time, they’ll start pushing you towards another c-section (I’ve heard some women say that their doctor started talking to them about scheduling another c-section as early as 20 weeks). By doing some research and asking which OB’s are actually doing VBAC’s in their practice, you should be able to find a doctor that will support you in having the birth that you want to have.

Next you have to prepare yourself for labor & delivery: physically, mentally and emotionally. This video explains how chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy will help you have a successful VBAC.

  • Healing from the past c-section
  • Reinforcing the mindset that this vaginal birth is absolutely doable
  • Optimizing the strength and coordination of the uterine muscles during labor
  • Aligning the pelvic bones so that your baby may more easily pass through the birth canal




The Importance of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important times in your life for you to be as fully healthy as possible. Not only to accommodate all of the changes your body will go through in each trimester, but because you are growing and developing new life inside you!

Learn how vital chiropractic care is to a healthy pregnancy and the many ways it can contribute to a safer and quicker delivery as well as to the health of your new baby.

Video: The Webster Technique

I have written about how I use the Webster Technique in my practice before (you can read the article here).

But here I explain further about how the Webster Technique helps balance your pelvis and lower back and prepare you for labor and delivery. With this proper balance in your body, the baby can move into its optimal birthing position (i.e. the vertex or head-down position).

Have you used the Webster Technique with a family wellness chiropractor before? What was your experience? I would love to read your comments below…

Why I Adjust Infants, Babies and Children

When people hear that I see newborns, babies and children in my practice, I sometimes get a weird look from them. If they don’t really understand what chiropractic is (and isn’t) and how it works, then they might have the following questions:

  • Why would anyone bring a child, let alone a newborn, to a chiropractor?
  • Isn’t chiropractic just for back pain?
  • Wouldn’t cracking their spine be dangerous?
  • And many more…

So to learn more about why I love seeing little ones in my practice AND why I think it’s so important for every child to get their spine and nervous system checked, watch this video:

Light Force Chiropractic Techniques

Did you know that not all chiropractors use “cracking and popping” adjustments when they work with their patients?

Many people are referred to me or seek me out on the internet because I specialize in “light force” chiropractic techniques. You may be interested in receiving all of the benefits of chiropractic care, but you’re afraid of “getting cracked”.

In this video, I explain how these relaxation oriented chiropractic techniques work and how they may give you even better results than common, traditional adjustments.

Bastille Day, the Sistene Chapel and Chiropractic Birthdays

15 years ago today, I became a chiropractor. It’s amazing to me that it has already been that long and I am humbled to think about all it has brought me.

From practicing in Costa Rica for a year, to opening a practice with my brother in San Diego.

From adjusting babies just minutes after they are born to help them start off life healthy, to adjusting men and women in the last days of their life to help ease their transition.

From meeting the woman who would years later become the mother of my child, to now working in a prenatal wellness center because of my son.

I can trace all of these incredible life experiences to me becoming (and being) a chiropractor.

I wrote this piece about how I celebrated my 10th chiropractic anniversary years ago. I wanted to share it here again because it helps explain the deep gratitude and honor I feel about being privileged to work with people the way I do.

While I might not be celebrating in Rome like I did 5 years ago, it will still be a celebration!

Originally published on July 14, 2011 on www.BeingWellLifestyles.com

July 14th is Bastille Day. It’s France’s version of our Fourth of July. Honestly, all that really had meant to me over the years is that a bunch of French cyclists will try to break away from the peloton to get some camera time for their sponsors while their country (and me) watches the Tour de France today.

But now July 14th has another meaning to me: it’s my anniversary. It’s the anniversary of the day I became a chiropractor.

Now, some of my mentors contend that I became I chiropractor the day I started chiropractic school. I know what they mean by that and I agree with them to some extent.

But July 14, 2000 is the date on my professional license for the state of California (the only state I’ve ever practiced in) so that’s the anniversary I go by.

Today marks my 11th year of being a chiropractor – something I’m very proud of. Tonight I’ll probably celebrate in my usual way of making a number of toasts: to my profession, to what I’ve accomplished so far, to who I am today and to what I am becoming as a doctor, a healer and a professional. That’s a lot of toasts I know, but hey, I have a lot to celebrate!

But on Bastille Day a year ago, on my 10th anniversary, I found myself in Rome, Italy staring up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

For so many years, Michelangelo’s classic image of God reaching out to touch Adam’s finger has been a symbol to me of the work I do as a healer. And there I was, gazing up, standing directly underneath it, pondering all of it’s meaning to me on my 10th anniversary of becoming a chiropractor.

Early on in my career, while I was still a student actually, a doctor I was training with had shown me this image of Michelangelo’s to impress upon me the significance of what we do as chiropractors.

His message to me was that by placing our hands on people and delivering adjustments, we are restoring life to the people we work on, not unlike Michelangelo’s depiction of God giving life to Adam.

Now, from that story I don’t carry around a “God complex” or anything like that. I’ll leave that to other types of doctors.

But I’ve always loved that analogy. So now it serves as a reminder to me to stay in a reverent space when I have my hands on people. Powerful forces are in play when someone allows me to work on them and it’s important to me to be respectful in that space with them.

But it wasn’t until the morning of July 14, 2010 as I was walking into Vatican City that I realized I’d be seeing the real image with my own two eyeballs on my chiropractic anniversary.

I was raised Roman Catholic so as a kid I saw plenty pictures of the Pope on his balcony waving to the people in St. Peter’s Square (when he wasn’t cruising around in his Pope Mobile, that is). We learned about the Vatican City and how one of the statues in our church was a replica of the Pieta inside St. Peter’s Basilica. We also learned about the “Sixteenth Chapel” and Michelangelo’s famous ceiling painting and I remember my small curious mind wondering if he painted the ceilings of the other 15 chapels too.

It was over 100 degrees in Rome that day (or however many degrees Celsius that is) but that didn’t melt my excitement as I slowly moved along the long, sickeningly hot hallways to get inside the church. The room was much smaller than I expected but the painted ceiling was much bigger and much more beautiful than I imagined.

I wiggled through the mass of people (pun intended) to get myself directly under God and Adam’s fingers coming together. And there I stood for a good 10 minutes staring straight up at it, taking it all in.

It was so impressive and I stood there smiling ear to ear as I looked up.

I would have stayed to bask in it’s glow for even longer were it not for 2 reasons:

1) chiropractically, my neck was killing me arching my head upwards for so long


2) thermally, I thought I was going to burst into flame if I didn’t get outside soon. (And no, I didn’t think I was going to burst into flame because of any “sinner in a church” thing. It was well over 100 degrees in a small room with hundreds of other people all jockeying for positioning to get a good look at Michelangelo’s handywork.)

Unfortunately, one wrong turn leaving the Sistine Chapel changed the vibe for the next few hours. That part of the story isn’t relevant to this one so suffice it to say that later, at dinner recounting the day, the meaning of seeing Michelangelo’s masterpiece in person really sunk in for me.

How cool it was  to be able to travel to Rome, to be in the Sistine Chapel, to see Michelangelo’s work of art with my own eyes AND on my 10th anniversary.

What an amazing gift chiropractic is and how fortunate I am to be able to give this gift to people.

How wonderful it is that people come into see me for help, they trust their body and their health to me and I am able to deliver hope and care when they most need it.

How special a life I lead that my work environment is full of candles, water fountains, peaceful music, and one where people are happy to see me when they come in and they get to feel even better when they leave.

I am so grateful!

I appreciate every single one of you who trust me with your body and with your health. I consider it an honor to work with you and I want you to know that I take it very seriously. I want only the best for you and I am happy to do all I can for that to come to you. That day a year ago today, was truly a spectacular day for me and obviously, I look upon it fondly.

And a year ago tonight, I toasted the same things that I’ll toast tonight: my profession, what I’ve done, who I am now and who I am becoming.

Cheers! Salute! Salud! and A Votre Sante!

P.S. The day before this day in the Sistine Chapel, I was in Florence with my jaw on the floor standing in front of Michelangelo’s David. This is another work that has tremendous significance to me as a chiropractor. Maybe someday I’ll share that story with you too…

Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Take Their Child To See a Chiropractor

In the first few weeks, months and years of a child’s life, we have the best opportunity to lay a solid foundation to help them to build a healthy body and strong mind upon. With this, the child will be better able realize their fullest potential in life.

Since the nervous system controls every function of the body, keeping it free from interference (subluxation) is essential for good health.

One of the best ways that parents can help their child start off life as healthy as possible is to have their child’s spine checked by a chiropractor to correct any problems that may have occurred from the birth process.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Take Their Child to See a Chiropractor are:

1)  To promote body balance and enhance overall health and well-being
2)  To help strengthen immunity and reduce the number of colds, ear aches and general illnesses
3)  To improve spinal posture and prevent scoliosis
4)  To assist with behavioral disorders and promote greater emotional well-being
5)  To improve their child’s ability to learn, to concentrate and to encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development)
6)  To help alleviate digestive issues, constipation and bed wetting
7)  To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies
8)  To assist with sleep issues
9)  To help resolve breastfeeding issues, colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome
10)  To help resolve any physical or emotional trauma from the birth process

Every parent wants the best for their child. Laying a foundation of health in the first years of life will help them to be the fun, happy and light-hearted child they were designed to be.

You can also listen to this podcast episode I did on this that explains more:

Podcast 002: Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Bring Their Children to a Chiropractor

If you have any questions about how chiropractic care may be able to help your child with any of these health issues (or any others), please do not hesitate to contact me.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Since the beginning of the year, I have been working an amazing group of people to open a wellness center that primarily caters to pregnant women and their newborn babies. On February 2, 2015 the Cap Wellness Center opened its doors in Encinitas, CA providing acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, lactation services, yoga and education classes. You can learn more about it here.

If you are not familiar with how chiropractic could help during pregnancy and would like more information about it, this list will help you. I’ve collected 42 articles about how chiropractic care can help pregnancy, breastfeeding, breech positioning, infertility and birth trauma.

Pregnancy and Adjustments   ( 12 Articles )

Breastfeeding Difficulties   ( 9 Articles )

Webster Technique   ( 7 Articles )

Birth Trauma   ( 2 Articles )

Infertility / Inability to Conceive   ( 12 Articles )

I have been adjusting pregnant mothers-to-be and babies for 15 years in my practice and I assure you it is completely safe for mom and baby. Especially since the chiropractic techniques I specialize in are “low-force” or “light-force”, not the typical cracking and popping type of adjustments that most people think of a chiropractor using.

The link below will show you a variety of articles and research studies about the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care for those that are still unsure about seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy.

Satisfaction, Cost, and Safety of Chiropractic   ( 21 Articles )

I am excited to be a part of the Cap Wellness Center and helping pregnant women be as healthy and well taken care of as possible during this incredible time in their lives. Furthermore, I am excited to be helping them bring their child into this world as naturally and safely as possible so their “little one” can start off their life as healthy and happy as possible.

To learn more about what Cap Wellness Center has to offer, click here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays. I love it because along with all of the amazingly delicious food, I get to spend an extended weekend with family and friends. My own family has grown a lot this year. So the gathering around the table at my family’s cabin will as full as our bellies will be soon after dinner is served.  I am looking forward to this special time with family and I hope you get to enjoy special time with your loved ones as well.

So today, instead of giving you a Health Tip along the lines of: “7 Healthy Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Dinner”, “Detox Program for After Your Holiday Indulgences” or “How to Stress Less Over the Holiday Weekend”, I’ll share with you this Health Tip for the Thanksgiving Holiday: ENJOY!

Taste and eat without guilt.

Laugh and hug without restraint.

Be aware and grateful for all that you have in your life now.

Be open and excited (and grateful in advance) for all that is coming to you in the near future.

Know that you make a difference in the world and appreciate those who make a difference in yours.

Thank you for being a part of mine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Jay

Secondhand Stress Can Be Contagious

A pair of recent studies have proven in the research lab something that you may already be instinctively aware of: being around stressed out people can make you stressed out.

And while this may seem obvious to you, understanding their research findings and incorporating this new term, “secondhand stress” into your vocabulary will help you decrease your stress levels.

One study performed at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany looked at couples and how their stress affected each other. One person was taken into a room and had to solve complicated math problems in front of two supposed behavior analysts who assessed their performance. As expected, Continue reading…

3 Ways to Boost Your Energy at Work

Do you feel like you’re dragging at the end of your work day (or in the middle of it)? Fatigue in the workplace decreases your productivity and effectiveness in your job duties. Depending on your work, you can also place yourself and others at physical risk of injury if you are tired and your ability to react is compromised.

Here are some tips that you can use to boost your energy at work so not only do you get your job done, but you are more likely to feel good about the job you are doing: Continue reading…

Alignment is Critical for Optimal Health

OK, one more car analogy!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about the windshield wipers on your car and how it relates to your health. Now I want to talk about the tire alignment on your car and use it as a metaphor about your health as well.

Obviously, everyone knows that for your car to drive straight, the wheels need to be aligned properly. When you drive your new car off the showroom floor, everything is aligned perfectly. Over time, the tire tread is going to wear down with normal usage. But, after a while you might also start to notice some extra wear and tear on the edges of your front tires. They might start balding on the sides of your tires more than the area that contacts the road.

This uneven wear pattern is a symptom of misalignment of the front end of your car. If left alone, that balding will get worse and worse and eventually Continue reading…

To Be Healthy, You Have to Be Regular

Last week’s Health Tip talked about how getting an adjustment is like using the windshield wipers on your car. Sometimes you just don’t notice the haze that has built up until it’s been wiped away. Similarly, sometimes you might not notice how much tension has built up in your system until you get off the table. “Wow, I feel so much better right now and honestly, I really didn’t think I felt bad when I came in!”

To go a little further with this Windshield Wiper analogy, this is why I recommend to my patients to continue with regular “tune-ups” even after the pain or the problem that initially brought them into my office has gone away.

How many times do you have to use the windshield wipers over the lifetime of your car to keep your windshield clean?

The answer to that question depends on a few factors: Continue reading…

You Live Your Life Through Your Nervous System

You live your life through your Nervous System. Every sound, taste, touch, smell and sight – all of that energy and information gets transmitted to your brain so you can make sense of the world. All of your perceptions get filtered through your Nervous System.

If the transmission of this information from the outside world to your brain is distorted, then your perception of the world will be distorted.

Think back to the last time you were driving in your car and for whatever reason, you decided to turn on the wipers to clean your windshield. After the windshield wipers were done, your view was a lot clearer, right?

But then if you looked at the corners of your windshield that the wipers couldn’t reach, what did you see there? You saw a layer of grime on the glass left behind. Those corners were much dirtier than the area cleaned by your windshield wipers weren’t they?

But just moments before, Continue reading…

It’s Better to Grow Healthy Kids Rather Than Repair Damaged Adults

Some people are surprised to see so many children getting adjusted in my office. And after the little ones leave the room, I often get asked:

“What’s wrong with that kid?” (always said with a voice full of concern, not judgment)

“Nothing at all.” I reply.

“I didn’t know little kids could have back pain…” they might wonder aloud.

It’s then that I get to explain why I love seeing so many children in my practice:

  • Because the little ones here are already healthy and their parents want to keep them healthy.
  • Because it’s better (easier, quicker, cheaper) to correct small issues as they come up rather than wait for them to snowball into larger problems years later when they become adults.
  • Because while these children are growing and developing, keeping their Nervous System healthy and strong will allow them to live their lives at their highest potential.

Continue reading…

Rivers, Whitewash and Healing

Often when I am explaining the healing process and how adjustments work, I use the analogy of a river. This metaphor is a simple one to understand, yet it also explains more complex concepts about healing, bodywork and energetics. I’d like to share it with you here in case you haven’t heard it before in hopes that it will help you understand how your body works, how it breaks down and more importantly, how it can heal itself.

Imagine yourself standing on a bank of a river. As you look upstream, you see a seemingly endless flow of water coming towards you. Then as you turn your head downstream, you watch the river flow off into distance. Right in front of you, you can hear the roar of the whitewash created by the water rushing over huge rocks that lie in the river just a few feet away from you.

Now imagine your body is that river for a moment. Continue reading…

7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Are you a person who is worried about the next coming “cold & flu season”?

Are you one of those people that always seems to catch whatever bug that is going around your work, school or neighborhood?

If you live your life afraid that any sneeze or cough is going to get you sick, then this information will help you.

I know that you don’t want to live in fear of germs or in fear of getting sick. I know that you want to live more fully, doing what you want, when you want to do it.

And fortunately, you don’t have to.

There are safe, natural and effective methods that are proven to boost your Immune System so you can stay healthy. A strong Immune System is what will fight off any bacteria or virus that you come in contact with so you don’t get sick.

I am going to share with you here information and tools that will help you to:

  1. Strengthen your Immune System on a day-to-day basis thus preventing you getting sick in the first place.
  2. Fight off an infection more effectively and more quickly if you happen to have already become sick.

Continue reading…

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