Speaker Testimonials

“Dr. Jay Warren was a featured speaker at our Multi-Faceted Woman Workshop in October and he received rave reviews from the attendees. We highly recommend Dr. Jay as a speaker for your next event as you will find him to be both professional and motivational. Dr. Jay is passionate about his subject material and delivers a heartfelt presentation which engages his listeners.”

Dhawn Hansen, CPO®
Tracey Turner, CPO®
The Be Smart Girls

“Last fall, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Jay Warren speak at an all-day workshop titled, “The Multi-Faceted Woman: From Surviving to Thriving”. It was my first opportunity to see Dr. Jay address a large group, and I was blown away by his engaging and comfortable style.

My husband and I are Dr. Jay’s chiropractic patients, so I already knew that he is an extremely knowledgeable and caring professional. It should have come as no surprise, then, that after a long day of presentations by four other speakers, Dr. Jay took the podium and literally recharged the room and everyone in it with his energy and his obvious passion for the subject matter.

His presentation, “Creating a Vision for Yourself and Your Health”, allowed attendees to participate in goal-setting and guided-imagery exercises, with Dr. Jay providing the cues and helpful handouts. He was clearly the audience favorite, and he really helped the workshop organizers end the event on an uplifting note.”

Amy De Groot
Public Relations Professional

“Strategic Property Management, Inc. had the pleasure of Dr. Jay Warren administering an Ergonomic training session to our Corporate Office.

We found his training to be more that just educational and informative, it was fun and entertaining! It goes without saying that it can be challenging to find ways to take factual information and deliver it in an “entertaining” light, but Dr. Warren’s natural demeanor makes this possible. He has an excellent speaking voice, which is always a treat when listening to presentations. He brings in fun facts and speaks with affirmative knowledge and understanding of the material, but does so in a way to make audiences feel they are on his same level. In other words, unlike many presenters, he refrains from speaking down or at people. Instead, he really talks to you.

His training has proven to be invaluable to our team and the open lines of communication he has created leave us feeling comfortable contacting him with questions or follow up as needed.

Dr. Jay is a people person. He instantly attracts audience attention because he has mastered the art of charisma. He is professionally natural in front of larger audiences and offers unique and dynamic outlets to deliver his message. He has a way with words that leaves participants inspired and geared towards making and taking action for positive change.

Overall, Dr. Jay Warren illustrates quality and experience as a presenter. He truly cares about his work and the people he comes into contact with, making his presentations personable and real. His skills are of great value and any organization would be lucky to have him”

Danielle Solare
Human Resources
Strategic Property Management