Podcast 054: The HypnoBirthing Method for a Beautiful and Peaceful Birth Experience with Dr. Vivian Keeler


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My guest today on “Healthy Births, Happy Babies” is Dr. Vivian Keeler, a natural birth expert who has attended more than 800 births as a doula and has taught the HypnoBirthing Method for the last 15 years. She is also now the vice president of HypnoBirthing Institute.

In this episode, we will cover:

  1. How the HypnoBirthing Method helps a woman prepare for labor and delivery
  2. Why addressing any fears that you may have going into your birth is so important to do
  3. information about how to find a HypnoBirthing class near you

Resources mentioned in the conversation:

About Dr. Vivian Keeler:

Dr. Vivian Keeler has devoted most of her adult life to the care and education of women and their families. She has been a Chiropractic Physician since 1986 with a special focus on the health of pregnant women. She is a natural birth expert who has attended more than 800 births as a doula and has taught HypnoBirthing- The Mongan Method for the last 15 years. She is also a Certified Hypnotist. Dr. Vivian is Vice President and faculty member of the HypnoBirthing Institute. She has received the HypnoBirthing Institutes Diamond Award for her contributions to the advancement of HypnoBirthing.

She has shared her expertise through many speaking engagements, articles and interviews and is responsible for co-creating several training programs that have inspired many birth professionals to become agents of change in their own communities. Dr. Keeler is the co-founder of Amazing Births & Beyond and Contemporary Doula International. She is also on the Board of Directors of Broward Healthy Start.

She is a mother to two amazing daughters, who were birthed naturally at home.

She resides in Hollywood, Florida with her husband, Tim.

About the Author

Dr. Jay Warren has been a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor for 17 years. He is also the Wellness Care Coordinator at the CAP Wellness Center in San Diego, CA where 90% of his practice is pregnant or postpartum women and babies under one year old. Dr. Jay is a proud member of the ICPA and APPPAH (the Association or Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and the host of the podcast “Healthy Births, Happy Babies” in iTunes. His online program, “Connecting with Baby” guides pregnant women through processes to strengthen maternal bonding for a happier pregnancy, gentler birth and easier post-partum experience. Dr. Jay is also the proud father of his 3 year old son, Niko who keeps him very busy (and happy) outside of the office.