Other Podcast Appearances

I have been fortunate to be a guest on other amazing podcasts talking about the topics I am passionate about the most: Prenatal Bonding, Prenatal Wellness Care and Parenthood. The links provided will take you to the page where you can listen to the interview:

In my conversation with Dr. Ed Osburn of The Chiropractic Philanthropist Podcast, we talked about how I came to working almost exclusively with pregnant women and infants. Here I share the rewards and the challenges of specializing in working with this niche.

In this conversation with Adrianna Lozada of The Birthful Podcast, we talked about Prenatal Bonding and how connecting with your baby, through singing, talking, and playing with your baby in utero makes a difference in your pregnancy and in your birth.

On this episode, I talked with Dr. Laura Brayton of The Well-Adjusted Mama Podcast. We talked about patient-centered health care, integrated wellness and tangible ways a woman can surround herself with practitioners that will support her in having the birth that she wants for her baby.

The Wake Up Dad Show by Dr. Scott Vatcher is a podcast devoted to supporting dads (obviously). I got to share with Dr. Scott how being a father has changed me and how my son inspires me to be the best dad I can possibly be each and every day.

Dr. Kyle Wallner's podcast, Michigan Family Wellness, covers many topics to help people of all ages regain their health and wellness. On this episode, we talk about the importance of chiropractic care during pregnancy to help start of the child's life in the healthiest way possible.

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Todd Gignac of The Renegade Family Podcast about the role health plays in the happiness of a family and how a healthy pregnancy lays the foundation of good health for the rest of that baby's life. I also share my own challenges in family life and how I best deal with them and try to overcome them.