How to Use Your Results

If you haven’t already, sign up for the Lifestyle Stress Assessment to be sent to your Inbox by placing your name and email in the box to the right of the page.

Once you’ve received it, go through each section and check the corresponding boxes (by clicking it with your mouse) in front of each statement to which you can say a whole-hearted “YES!” to, a “I do that!” or a “That’s definitely me!” to.

Leave the box BLANK if a certain item is not a part of your lifestyle or is something that you only do occasionally. Don’t check boxes that deep down you know you shouldn’t. Only your honest answers here will empower this tool to help you make significant improvements to your lifestyle habits and your overall health, energy and happiness.

You’ll see on the last page of the Lifestyle Stress Assessment that your total score has already been tallied for you.

How did you do?

How balanced is your lifestyle right now?

Well, if it isn’t as balanced or as healthy as you’d like it to be, I’ve got good news for you:

Your Lifestyle Stress Assessment which you just completed, can now become your guide.

The areas that you scored the lowest in is the area to work on first. It’s the area that your time, effort and money will make the biggest impact on your overall health and well being right now.

And the items in that section that you couldn’t answer “YES” to or couldn’t check the box become the actions to focus on. Read How to Create an Action Plan with your Results to learn more.


*Exerpted from the Being Well Lifestyles Home Study Course by Dr. Jay Warren.

Drawing on over two decades of experience as a hands-on holistic practitioner, Dr. Jay Warren is a primary healthcare provider and licensed chiropractor in the San Diego area. He has spent tens of thousands of clinical hours helping his patients achieve their optimal health potential through holistic approaches bolstered by years of personal experimentation, education and research. Dr. Jay creates customized plans integrating exercise, nutrition and stress management strategies to overcome a myriad of health challenges. For more information, email or visit

About the Author

Dr. Jay Warren has been a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor for 17 years. He is also the Wellness Care Coordinator at the CAP Wellness Center in San Diego, CA where 90% of his practice is pregnant or postpartum women and babies under one year old. Dr. Jay is a proud member of the ICPA and APPPAH (the Association or Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and the host of the podcast “Healthy Births, Happy Babies” in iTunes. His online program, “Connecting with Baby” guides pregnant women through processes to strengthen maternal bonding for a happier pregnancy, gentler birth and easier post-partum experience. Dr. Jay is also the proud father of his 3 year old son, Niko who keeps him very busy (and happy) outside of the office.