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Secondhand Stress Can Be Contagious

A pair of recent studies have proven in the research lab something that you may already be instinctively aware of: being around stressed out people can make you stressed out.

And while this may seem obvious to you, understanding their research findings and incorporating this new term, “secondhand stress” into your vocabulary will help you decrease your stress levels.

One study performed at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany looked at couples and how their stress affected each other. One person was taken into a room and had to solve complicated math problems in front of two supposed behavior analysts who assessed their performance. As expected, Continue reading…

3 Ways to Boost Your Energy at Work

Do you feel like you’re dragging at the end of your work day (or in the middle of it)? Fatigue in the workplace decreases your productivity and effectiveness in your job duties. Depending on your work, you can also place yourself and others at physical risk of injury if you are tired and your ability to react is compromised.

Here are some tips that you can use to boost your energy at work so not only do you get your job done, but you are more likely to feel good about the job you are doing: Continue reading…

“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” Because That Will Kill You Too

A new study published in “Experimental Gerontology” shows that its not only the big stressors that increase mortality rates, but the little hassles of life can kill you as well. Not such great news since we all experience stress and much of it cannot be avoided. Some stress is just part of life.

But it’s not all bad news. There is a small overlooked part of the study, a way that the study was designed, that reveals how you can free yourself from an early visit from the Grim Reaper.

Carolyn Aldwin, director of the Center for Healthy Aging Research at Oregon State University, examined the mortality rate data of 1,293 men whose stress levels were tracked over a 21 year period. She looked at two long-term stress patterns: Continue reading…

Talking Your Way out of Stress

Communication is a simple and effective tool that often comes as a surprise to most people when discussing stress management techniques. But it should make sense when you think about it. Anything that stays bottled up, eventually blows up. We have all gone through times like this when many little things here and there, slowly start building up to the point where the accumulation of all of this stress overwhelms us.

We are trying to do it all and we are trying to do it all ourselves. We feel like we should be able to do it all ourselves, that we shouldn’t need help with it, that asking for help is a sign of weakness, or a sign that we can’t handle things well. Then we judge ourselves for that. So we plod on hoping that we will be able to get back on top things tomorrow and hoping that someday, it will get better…

But last time I checked, Continue reading…

A Guide to Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Both the quantity and the quality of your sleep at night directly affects how well you handle your stress during your day.

Did you know, that you do up to 90% of your healing while you are sleeping? This should impress upon you how important good, quality sleep is for your body so that it can repair the damage that might have occurred during your day.

Why You Need 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Sleep research is also showing that the quantity of sleep you get is important too. A psychiatry study out of the University of California, San Diego surveyed more than one million adults and found that the people who live the longest self-report that they Continue reading…

The Many Benefits of Meditation

Slowing your body down and quieting your mind with meditation or prayer time has many healthy benefits for you, only one of them being stress reduction.

When you hear the word “meditation”, what do you think of?

Ha, that is a trick question…you are not supposed to be thinking about anything when you are meditating, right?

Well, if you are like most people that are unfamiliar with meditation, the word might conjure up images of monks in far away monasteries, sitting cross-legged for hours and chanting “ohm” over and over again. And maybe none of this appeals to you.

But let me share with you just some of the benefits of meditation and tell me if any of these appeal to you: Continue reading…

Release and Let Go of Pain with Guided Visualization

Pain is a sensation that all of us experience in our lives. It can cause great discomfort in our bodies and can be the source of tremendous suffering. But if we understand what pain is and begin to see it from a different perspective – that pain is a signal and a tool – then we can listen to our body’s messages and become empowered to reclaim our health and wellness once again.

Pain is always the result of Continue reading…

Boost Your Immune System with Guided Visualization

For years, medical researchers have known about the powerful link between your Mind and the Immune System. An entire field of study has been created around it called Psychoneuroimmunology. It is the study of how your Mind, works through your Nervous System, to affect your Immune System.

We now know that if your Nervous System, the master controller of all of your body’s processes, is functioning at its optimum potential, then your Immune System will function at its optimum potential. This will keep you free of sickness Continue reading…

Wellness Body Scan Guided Visualization

Western medicine has conditioned us to believe that our bodies are machines, simply made up of biological parts: cells, tissues and organs. And like a machine, we are programmed to believe that it’s just a matter of time before these parts wear out and our bodies break down, like worn gears in an old clock or a corroded engine in an old car.

In this mechanistic paradigm, Western medicine’s answer is to medicate your body’s symptoms for as long as possible before your organs need to be replaced by transplant or just cut out of your body completely with Continue reading…