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14 Videos on How to Stretch Your Body Properly

Recently I was approached by’s Health and Wellness division and was asked to put together a set of short and helpful videos together on stretching and exercise. We shot them all in one day in my office and the finished products are up on the eHow site. In each video, I explain the particular stretch or exercise and then show you how to do it properly.

I’ve collected all of the links here for you so you don’t have to search all over their site to find all 14 of them. You’ll see from the headings that we covered everything from the neck and shoulders to the lower back to even the feet.

Look at the list I’ve created below and watch the ones that you think will help you the most. (The most popular videos are the ones on: Continue reading…

Every Type of Exercise Has Its Benefits

There are basically 3 types of exercise and each one is essential for your body. Each type should be performed at least a couple times per week (daily is best) to be completely healthy.

1) Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is any exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it there for a sustained period of time. Walking, running, biking, swimming, using a Stairmaster, an elliptical, or a treadmill are all forms of cardiovascular workouts.

Performing regular cardiovascular exercise strengthens and tones the muscles of your arms and legs and of course, burns lots of calories to help with weight control. But think about this: Continue reading…

Exercise as a Stress Management Tool

One of the powerful benefits exercise has on your overall health and well-being is stress reduction (many more were discussed in the Move Well section).

Exercise is a fantastic way to burn off the stressful energy that builds up in your body. It is a much more healthy and constructive way to blow off steam than yelling at someone or emotionally eating sugar or drinking alcohol. Even just getting out to walk around the block, doing some simple stretches or Continue reading…

Exercise Isn’t Just for Losing Weight

Your body is the vehicle that you have been given to enjoy your life in. It is literally what you use to move around in the world. So wouldn’t you want your vehicle to function the very best it can.

Imagine if your body operated like a finely tuned sports car. One that is able to handle the curves of life and one that runs smoothly and powerfully as you cruise through life. But you might be feeling like your body has ended up more like an old clunker. One in which you spend your life worrying about whether it will start up in the morning or even make it out of the driveway.

So which are you? A Maserati? Or a Continue reading…

7 Kinds of Neck Exercises

Is your neck tight and sore at the end of the day? Especially when you’ve sat at the computer for a long period of time? If so, strengthening your neck muscles will help you withstand this postural stress.

You might not think that sitting at a desk all day would be hard on your neck. Maybe hard on the back from sitting in an uncomfortable chair, but not on your neck. But your head weighs about 10 pounds and the muscles of the neck and shoulders need to Continue reading…