14 Videos on How to Stretch Your Body Properly

Recently I was approached by eHow.com’s Health and Wellness division and was asked to put together a set of short and helpful videos together on stretching and exercise. We shot them all in one day in my office and the finished products are up on the eHow site. In each video, I explain the particular stretch or exercise and then show you how to do it properly.

I’ve collected all of the links here for you so you don’t have to search all over their site to find all 14 of them. You’ll see from the headings that we covered everything from the neck and shoulders to the lower back to even the feet.

Look at the list I’ve created below and watch the ones that you think will help you the most. (The most popular videos are the ones on: Plantar Fasciitis, 7 Kinds of Neck Stretches and the Lower Back Corkscrew Stretch).

And then like I always say: All the health information in the world won’t help you one bit, unless you do something with it. So once you watch the video, get on the floor or push your chair away from your desk and do it so you can feel looser, less sore and achy and more energized!


Plantar Fasciitis (Foot Arch and Heel Pain)

How to Cure Aching Heels – Plantar Fasciitis Relief (eHow.com Video)


Neck and Shoulder Exercises and Stretches

How to Stretch Your Shoulders and Neck (eHow.com Video)

7 Kinds of Neck Exercises (eHow.com Video)

How to Stretch the Trapezius Dynamically (eHow.com Video)

How to Release the Subscapularis Muscle (Rotator Cuff Muscle Stretch) – (eHow.com Video)

How to Breathe When Doing Neck Rotation Exercises (eHow.com Video)

Shoulder Blade Retraction Exercises for Better Posture (eHow.com Video)

Incorrect Ways to Stretch Your Neck (eHow.com Video)

Exercises to Strengthen Your Neck While Actively Sitting (eHow.com Video)


Lower Back Exercises and Stretches

Low Back Corkscrew Stretch (eHow.com Video)

McKenzie Back Extension Stretches for the Lower Back (eHow.com Video)


Prenatal and Postpartum Exercises and Stretches

Prenatal Lower Back Stretch (eHow.com Video)

Stretching Exercises for Your Lower Back After Delivery (eHow.com Video)


General Strengthening Exercises

How to Build Strong Bones Using Stretch Bands (eHow.com Video)



All the health information in the world won’t help you one bit, unless you do something with it.


About the Author

Dr. Jay Warren has been a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor for 17 years. He is also the Wellness Care Coordinator at the CAP Wellness Center in San Diego, CA where 90% of his practice is pregnant or postpartum women and babies under one year old. Dr. Jay is a proud member of the ICPA and APPPAH (the Association or Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and the host of the podcast “Healthy Births, Happy Babies” in iTunes. His online program, “Connecting with Baby” guides pregnant women through processes to strengthen maternal bonding for a happier pregnancy, gentler birth and easier post-partum experience. Dr. Jay is also the proud father of his 3 year old son, Niko who keeps him very busy (and happy) outside of the office.